5 Awesome Wedding After-Party Ideas

If you are planning an upcoming wedding in Atlanta, Georgia, there are many things to do. Although the ceremony and reception are usually the main attractions, you cannot have a complete wedding without a stellar after-party. 

After calling around for the best caterers, DJs and dumpster rentals Atlanta GA, it is time to turn your sights over to the nighttime fun stuff. Check out these five awesome after-party ideas for inspiration. 

  1. Have a Saxophone Send-Off

When the ceremony is over, that is when it is time to put on your dance shoes. If you and the groom both appreciate modern jazz, you can hire a live musician to play late-night jams as you and the wedding party make your way to a dance club or some other exciting venue.  

  1. Serve Milk and Cookies

If you want to take a step back in time while giving your after-party a unique twist that is sure to make guests smile and remember their childhoods, serve milk and cookies at the party. Think about your old-school favorites like traditional chocolate chip, peanut butter or Oreos. To make things even twister, consider serving the milk in a shot glass.

  1. Gift Customized Koozies

When thinking about different wedding after-party ideas, many people want to be able to give their guests a small token of appreciation. Often, party favors come in the form of goodie bags or other little treats. For something totally rad for your after-party, create customized koozies and hand them out to your guests. After all, who would not want to remember the amazing night the next time they pop open a beer?

  1. Order Fast Food

While it may not be everyone’s style, another entertaining way to make the after-party more fun and laid back is by ordering fast food. After all, there is nothing to satisfy late-night hunger like a giant order of Taco Bell nachos or In-N-Out burgers to pass around. With that said, this is something you should call ahead for so there is no unnecessary chaos when someone orders 200 hamburgers at midnight. 

  1. Make Everything Colorful

Regardless of the color scheme that you and your new spouse agreed on for the ceremony, the after-party is undoubtedly the place to let loose and make everything colorful. From decorations to clothing, food and everything in-between, adding bright and vivid colors can really add another layer of excitement to the night. 

Planning a wedding requires a lot of work. If you are feeling stumped on after-party ideas, let this list help guide you.