8 Tips on How To Shop For Your Wedding Gown

Finding your perfect wedding gown may be a challenging experience. After all, you’ve probably never tried one before, and it’s the most costly garment many women will ever own, so the pressure may be intense when it comes to wedding dress shopping.

It may also feel like you’re learning a new language—tulle, A-line, fit-and-flare, organza, sheath, and so on. Not to mention that many brides wear two dresses: one for the ceremony and one for the reception, which may make buying even more hectic.

Regardless of your budget, personal style, or time frame, here are some tips to help you locate the gown of your dreams!

1. Conduct Research to Discover What You Like

To create a visual dossier of your favourite dresses, tear pages from magazines, browse wedding stores online, visit Pinterest, and look at what famous brides are wearing. Then search for a common thread—are they embellished, lace, or voluminous? Do they all have open backs? Find commonalities in these styles and bring them to your first session.

2. Stay true to your size

Even if you intend to lose weight before the wedding, purchase gowns in your current size rather than sizing down. It’s far easier to take a dress in than trying to deal with one that is far too small.

3. Go shopping early

Many dresses take four to eight months to make. After they come, there should still be time for adjustments and ornamentation.

But don’t shop too early! The one you end up choosing may no longer be stylish by the time your wedding arrives, or you may find one you like even more closer to the date.

4. Research Your Wedding Theme Ahead of Time

Decide if you want a casual garden-party-themed wedding or a formal, romantic occasion before shopping. Keep the venue and theme in mind while you shop for dresses because the last thing you want is for your gown to clash with the rest of your wedding attire.

5. Locate a Fantastic Bridal Salon

Do your research before arranging appointments since you don’t want to waste time visiting a store that doesn’t sell gowns you like or has poor customer service. Instead, find bridal boutiques with good reputations by asking married friends for recommendations and reading internet reviews.

6. Select Your Shopping Companions Wisely

Yes, you may like your mother, sister, sister-in-law, maid of honour, and bridesmaids—but if you’ve ever attempted to get a group of people to agree on a restaurant, you can only imagine how difficult it will be to decide on a gown. Reduce the group to the two or three persons whose opinions you value the most.

7. Pay Close Attention to the Fabric

Fabric, in addition to shape, colour, and decorations, significantly impacts how a gown looks on you. A thicker, more structured fabric (such as silk shantung, taffeta, or guipure lace) will contour and smooth your physique. Conversely, unstructured silk and filmy chiffon are less flattering on curvy brides.

8. Consider Online Shopping

If you’re a frequent internet shopper, buying your outfit online is OK. If you can try on the outfit in person, that’s fantastic. If not, double-check the return policy—especially if you’re ordering a few to try on and think about—to ensure you’re entitled to a full refund in case it doesn’t seem as lovely in person.