New Trends In Bridal Fashion


You’re the party queen, everyone is waiting for your entrance, and all eyes are fixed on you. So, striving to look the best way possible in such a significant event is understandable. Actually, all brides want to be the prettiest, most elegant, and glamorous version of themselves regarding the makeup, hairstyle, accessories, and most definitely the dress. 

While all the preparations mentioned above are of secondary importance, the wedding dress is the statement piece that will make or break your bridal look. So, don’t rush choosing it, nor feel compelled to follow what all brides are wearing and the trendy wedding dresses 2022.

Instead, you have to take your time and get to know all the wedding trends 2023 and wedding dress styles popular now and pick the dress that most matches your personality and style. 

We’ve gathered the most trending wedding dresses and ideas to make this tedious decision easier for you. Read thoroughly and go where your heart leads you. 

A return to retro 

The Regency, Romantic, and Victorian eras have offered a lot to the world of fashion in general and bridal fashion in particular. As a matter of fact, Queen Victoria first started the white wedding dress tradition in 1840. Dresses at those times were classical and chic, still inspiring modern wedding dress trends.

Bridal fashion back then was characterized by puff sleeves, florals, organza, corset details, tulle layered skirts, and many more. But going for the vintage wedding dress trend doesn’t mean you will look like a dusty museum exhibition; however, the modern fabrics, materials, and fancywork will help produce a unique retro-inspired dress that very much fits wedding trends 2023


Ever since the lace trend emerged in the 16th century, it has never failed to add an elegant, sophisticated, and expensive touch to any piece of clothing. Lace never gets old, and it’s one of the wedding trends 2023.

The greatest thing about lace is that a little piece of it can transfer any wedding dress from ordinary to breath-taking. So, lace is the winning trend for modern wedding dresses, whether it’s an all-over lace, bodice embellishments, or delicate overlays. Looking for inspiration? Here are our favorite lace wedding dresses 2022. 


If you’re looking for a royal vibe and want to be a real queen on your big day, a long sleeve wedding dress is the ultimate answer. Actually, long sleeves don’t always mean a conservative look.

Instead, you can look sexy and elegant wearing a long-sleeved dress. For example, you can go for an off-the-shoulder or a square neck wedding dress design; these two add a very feminine and classy touch to your bridal look.

In addition, the puff sleeves design is a great one to consider if you have a petite body type or narrow shoulders; it will give your body shape some volume.

Simple is the way to go

The pre-eminent, admirable French fashion designer Coco Chanel once said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” 

But still, many brides who cherish simplicity and plainness are feeling compelled to oppose their original style and preferences for the sake of blending with the marketable wedding dresses 2022. But from now on, brides, simplicity is the theme for trending wedding dresses

Don’t bother with a glittery, embroidered, or exaggerated wedding dress style if that’s not your vibe and personality. Simplicity is always a classic and safe option. A simple wedding dress design with a beautiful fabric will showcase your beauty and personal style. For example, you can shine with a white chiffon fishtail dress decorated with a shiny rhinestone belt. A low-back silky dress with a statement necklace would look simple and jaw-dropping. 

Skipping the white dress

Well, white is a symbolic color for purity and innocence, but why not break the norms and wear a golden dress, for example? Golden symbolizes wealth and prosperity, and it’s here to stay in the world of wedding dress fashion

Some worldly fashion designers such as Vera Wang, Reem Acra, Elie Saab, and more have used golden as a leading color for wedding dresses in their haute couture. 

Moving on from golden, blue is another bold wedding trend 2023. Blue symbolizes trust and loyalty and sounds like a good omen to start a life of love and honesty with your partner. 

Most blue wedding dress trends incorporate both floral and lace elements, and these elements are usually white. So, you’re not going to get out of the box completely. Instead, your wedding dress style will stand out as a unique and approving gown. 

Transformable outfits

Have you been dreaming of entering your wedding venue as a queen, wearing a long wedding dress train and a voluminous skirt? Well, most girls have, but the common dilemma is how you will be able to walk and dance while putting on such a bulky gown. 

Lucky you, the transformable wedding dress styles are the trend now. You can pull the long dress train and walk around the venue with your big skirt, but whenever that feels tiring, you can detach the overskirt and train and unveil another spectacular and comfortable look.

Detachable bridal fashion is among the top wedding dresses in 2023 as it’s practical, out of the box, and astonishing; you have to consider it. 


Who says that it should always be a dress? Sometimes, the big and heavy wedding dress hinders your movement and keeps you from dancing and enjoying your happy day. Go for something more practical, a jumpsuit it’s!

Actually, wedding jumpsuits come in various designs and models; some are even fancier and more elegant than an ordinary dress. And even if you’re still unable to digest the idea of skipping the skirt part, you can choose a jumpsuit with an overskirt. Many jumpsuit designs are available for you to select from. 

Pick a jumpsuit from a rich fabric and material. But it would help if you remembered that the jumpsuit’s pants should always be as plain as possible, or this bridal fashion trend will look cheap. As for the jumpsuit’s top, you can go as creative and exaggerated as you want. A lace top is preferable; you will follow both bridal fashion trends, lace and jumpsuit.


Your wedding dress is the way to reflect your style and personality without saying a word. So, make sure to pick a wedding dress 2022 that mirrors the real you. However, if no wedding dress trend from the ones mentioned above appeals to you, don’t feel the pressure to follow what’s popular, be you, and pick what makes you comfortable.