Some Colour Themes for the Wedding for Both – Bride & Mother


A wedding is a pivotal event in every bride’s life. So is the wedding dress. A wedding dress is a kind of unique dress that makes the bride stand out or look uncommon during the wedding. Also, a wedding dress has to be something that makes people recognise the bride. These days, in the market, some different collections of wedding dresses have come up. One such dress is one kind of wedding dress for the bride, which is also known as the boho wedding dress It is one such kind of dress that is made for free-spirited women, sometimes also referred to as a hippie wedding dress.

Colours for the Bride

In a boho wedding dress, you will feel the carefree vibes. One of the best parts that you will know about the boho wedding dress is that, unlike other dresses, this is not at all a tight dress. It also doesn’t mean that it is a loose dress. The boho wedding dress can be just called a carefree dress. Some of the colours which the bride should choose for her wedding dress or wedding dress colours are as follows:

  • White
  • Peach
  • Cream
  • Light Pink
  • Beige

These are some of the colours which the bride can choose for her wedding gowns, or the wedding gown should be any of the following colours.

Colours Which Should be Avoided

Besides all of that, the mother of the bride dress is also equally important. It is important that the mother of the bride chooses some good colours for wearing a good gown. It is also important that the mother of the bride should avoid some colours when dressing. Those are the colours like champagne, champagne, ivory, and white. It is because these colours are the colours of the bride. So, you have to avoid these colours. Some of the best colours that you can wear are purple, lavender, silver, and gold. Besides all of that, some other unique colours which you can choose for wearing in your daughter’s marriage are the orange colour and the yellow colour. Apart from that, you can also choose colours like blue and green, which add beauty to your look and will make you look younger. If you want to look young, then you should choose young colours like the ones mentioned above.