The Importance of Getting a Wedding Package Designed for You

Wedding planning is one of the most time-consuming and stress-inducing things for a happy couple. The number of hours working within their budget, taking time to research, make calls, and ask for help can be fairly overwhelming. Couples want to not only have a beautiful wedding, but they want to make sure that it’s tailored to them and that this special day can truly cater to them. Wedding packages can be one of the best ways to ensure that you enjoy your day, cut your research in half, and save money simultaneously.

While some wedding packages are different, since some venues make it a one-size-fits-all, we have a different approach here at The Biscuit Factory. We can provide the ease of wedding packages but allow the couple to add their own flair, so we offer wedding packages that are designed especially with the soon-to-be-married couple in mind. So, what are some of the importance of a specially designed wedding package? Well, here is everything you need to know!

Fitting into Your Budget

While every couple planning their dream wedding needs to have a budget, sometimes it can be a challenge fitting everything right into that budget. When it comes to wedding packages, especially in the Newcastle area, some venues make you pay by a set amount of guests, such as 100 guests, when you only have 50. Plus, some vendors and venues will charge fees for outside food, services, or decor. 

All of this adds up and can make your wedding feel unattainable. Plus, all of this searching for the right wedding venues and the right wedding packages can be exhausting. What helps The Biscuit Factory stand out is the flexibility the couple gets to have. You get to pay by the amount of each guest, so if you have an odd number, like 31 guests coming to your wedding, then you only pay for that 31 guests, nothing more!


The venue is one of the most important parts of the wedding, so it’s essential to get it designed for you. The venue should be a place where you’ll be happy to spend your time, not just for you and your soon-to-be spouse, but for the guest too. The venue alone can be what makes or breaks the wedding. It should also be a place where you’ll get great value for your money. When shopping for a venue, you need to look for something that has a good reputation and is easy to work with. This will make your life and the wedding planning process so much easier and help you plan the best event possible!

Plus, some venues keep adding unnecessary fees, which can easily break your budget. At The Biscuit Factory, we strive to make everything seamless for the happy couple. We’re not just an art gallery but passionate about bringing the best experience possible. Our Newcastle wedding packages provide a stunning backdrop for wedding ceremonies, but we also want to take out the hassle of coordinating multiple vendors, such as our catering services. Have your celebration at this beautiful urban sprawl!

The Space

The décor and the space of a venue are everything. This is going to be the best way to demonstrate the happy couple’s personality. But it’s not only the décor that will make an impact but the room the special ceremony and celebration will be in as well. Here at The Biscuit Factory, we have the spaces for you whether you’re having an intimate wedding of 40 guests or a grand soiree of 200. 

We offer four lovely spaces at our venue, including The Gallery, for a more industrial feel with the wooden beams and brickwork or something a little softer with an edge like the Artisan. But the Biscuit Room could be perfect if you want to go a step above that with a unique Midcentury Modern twist. Our newest space coming this year in 2023 would be the Garden Room, inspired by the beautiful Victorian greenhouses filled with tropical plants.

Length of Time

Every wedding is different, so why stick with something traditional? With our packages, you can choose the length of time that you want. Are the happy couples only wanting a ceremony? Not a problem! We offer four wedding packages that include ceremonies, meals, and much more. For those who are not looking to have a ceremony at The Biscuit Factory, we have something for you too! With our Reception-Only package, you can have your ceremony off-site and bring them to us for a celebration; make your wedding exactly how you want it to be with The Biscuit Factory.


Catering is one of the most important things to consider when planning a wedding, and the wedding packages we offer at The Biscuit Factory will make any couple swoon! Let us help you save time and energy. We offer several packages that include the wedding breakfast all the way up to a luxurious 5-course meal! Our catering services allow you to focus on other aspects of the wedding, like the ceremony and reception.