Wedding: Is Dowry Rental Practical Idea?  

Wedding- the term sends down chill through the spine as it comes with lot of expectation, fun as well as pressure. The start of a new life is always beautiful and full of rituals and celebrations. It can be a large gathering at your wedding or it can also be an intimate gathering that celebrates the union. No matter how you plan it, one of the best things is the union of the partners. From the setting, to the dresses, from the rituals to food, everything is special and must be spectacular.

Along with all the excitement of the celebration comes the added pressure of impressing the guests. It is not all about just getting ready and walk up to the altar. It is also about the guests that arrive at the venue to witness the celebration and be a part of the big day. If you look closely, most of the preparations are made in keeping the guests in mind. The number of guests, what kind of food they would like and what they would require staying comfortable during the whole event. A significant amount of time and planning goes behind this whole thing. Making it a memorable event for the couple, his families and guests is one of the major concerns.

Ways to impress the guests

When it comes to impressing the guests, nothing can be better than the food. But it will probably not be enough to have just good food. A wedding is just more than just food and preparations. But there are still things which require pretty much attention. One of such things is dowry or the bride price (สินสอด, term in Thai). While families might not actually choose it as a part of a wedding, they might just choose it for tradition and impression. The fact is that the amount of dowry is often directly related to the financial condition of both sides is completely true. It is sign of the groom’s affluence and whether he is capable of taking care of the bride or not.

But placing a hefty dowry can be tough

People marrying after getting a decent job end up spending a hefty amount on the wedding planning. It is actually tough for them to place a hefty amount and items just to impress the guests or go with the tradition. This one problem can be solved by hiring dowry. Hiring dowry is a process of hiring certain amount of money and items for the event in exchange of a certain change and by signing the contract.

Both the parties agree to the procedure and the hiring amount is decided against which the fee is charged. The hired dowry is taken to the venue a few hours prior to the event. It is there just for the show and photos. It is nothing like a loan which can be spent. On the completion of the event, the dowry is handed over to the company. From going with the tradition to impressing guests, dowry hiring can help to lessen the pressure a bit.