What to ask about the location of your wedding

What to ask about the location of your wedding

Selecting the perfect wedding venue is crucial for a memorable day, so consider these inquiries to ensure a perfect venue. You might be interested to see Raleigh wedding venues


  • Is the location accessible on the day you require it?
  • What is the capacity of the banquet room?
  • What is included in their wedding packages?
  • What other events are planned for that day at this location?
  • Is there a different event planned for your room on the same day at a different time?
  • How much time can you spend in the room?
  • Event protection
  • Is there a space outside for a cocktail reception?
  • Are visitors with disabilities able to enter the room?
  • Is there a safe place to keep the wedding presents?


  • What does a typical wedding reception room arrangement look like?
  • Do they have photos of previous receptions to show you?
  • Can you return to check whether it’s ready for another wedding?
  • Who is the primary venue contact on the wedding day?
  • Is there anything you require that they do not have?


  • When will you be able to begin decorating?
  • Can candles be used in the centerpieces?
  • What do they use to arrange the table?
  • What kind of decorations does the venue have?
  • How many people can fit around a single table?


  • What are the various food options available at the venue? Buffet, family style, or single plates?
  • Do they provide on-site catering?If not, is there a list of recommended doctors??
  • Can you set up a tasting?
  • Is a sampling fee required?
  • What beverages are available with the dinner at the venue?
  • How many dining options can you provide your guests?
  • How many waiters will be assigned?


  • Is there a spot for the cake?
  • Is a cutting knife provided?
  • Is there a cost for cutting the cake?


  • Is the venue licensed to offer alcoholic beverages?
  • Are alcohol and bar services available at the venue?
  • Is the venue responsible for hiring bartenders, and is there a fee per bartender?


  • Can you hire a band or a DJ?
  • What kind of sound system do they have? What about speakers, microphones, and so on?
  • When will the band or DJ be able to perform?


  • What is the overall cost, and how much of a deposit is required?
  • Can they accept cash, cheque, or credit card as payment?
  • What is their refund policy?


  • What insurance coverage do you and your vendors need?
  • Is the venue covered by its insurance?


  • Are there any limits on photography or video?
  • What locations do they recommend for photography?


  • Is the site suitable for the ceremony?
  • Are the ceremony and reception in the same room or separate rooms?
  • What may be expected for the set up and take down of the ceremony and reception in the same room?
  • How much time will it take?


  • Where do visitors park, and how many parking spaces are there?
  • Is the/re valet parking?