What You Should Know About Wedding Custom Invitations

Designing your wedding invitations

You can save money by designing and printing your wedding invitations if you love crafting. You can use a free online wedding invitation maker, or you can find a local printing service. Either way, you can create a custom wedding invitation that expresses your unique style. You can choose the card’s color, paper, size, and materials in both cases.

You can customize the wedding invitation using an online design tool such as Canva. After you’ve created a design on Canva, type the text you want to include on the card, and choose between landscape and portrait orientation. Then, you can use the many tools available in the Canva Editor to customize the design.

Choosing an independent creative wedding invitation designer

Choosing an independent creative wedding invitation design can be a great way to get a unique, personalized look for your wedding custom invitations Long Island NY. In addition to creating a unique aesthetic, these designers can work with various styles and themes. Also, many are local, so you can meet them in person and discuss your design options with them. You will also save on shipping time by working with a local designer.

Consider the style and font you want when looking for a wedding invitation designer. Some designs are best when combined with another type. For example, consider a formal script font if you’re looking for timeless elegance—other wedding invitation styles, such as modern, playful, or vintage, are unique.

Etiquette for wedding custom invitations

When sending out wedding custom invitations, etiquette should have been adhered. For example, it is essential to write the names of the guests in full on the card rather than using nicknames or middle names. You should also indicate who the guests are by writing their total words on the envelope.

The bride’s and groom’s parents should be explicitly named on the invitation. However, the groom’s last name is not listed in the invitation, as this would make the invitation look pretentious. 

Choosing a printer

When choosing a printer for custom wedding invitations, there are many different things to consider. The choice of paper is one of the most crucial choices you’ll have to make. Other types of paper have a different look and feel and can affect your design and print life. Your invitations should be printed on durable, high-quality paper. Choose papers at least 80 pounds and 12 points thick for best results. The color of the paper also matters. White or ivory paper are classic choices, but consider using colored paper if you want a more colorful look.

Inkjet printers offer better results than laser printers. While a laser printer may be a good choice for a document with large amounts of text, an inkjet printer will produce a better print quality.

Cost of wedding custom invitations

Various factors can influence the cost of wedding custom invitations. Some designers charge by the hour, while others charge a flat rate per package. The latter includes custom design, printing, and delivery. Additional services, such as RSVP cards, can be added at an additional cost. These services can add between $50 and $150 per hundred cards.

The printing process can be either letterpress or offset. The former method is cheaper and does not require specialty paper. Nonetheless, it is time-consuming and expensive. In addition, some printing processes require a lot of manual labor. Letterpress invitations can also be enhanced by foil stamping. The method uses a metal plate to press the paper between it and an ink plate. It results in a raised texture to the report. The cost of 100 invitations with this technique is around $1,500 at the low end.